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Health issues don’t just disappear overnight.. but, fortunately, nowadays it only takes a little time to get access to a world of information and treatment options. We are here to help with your plans – the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can begin your journey back to health and wellness. Let’s talk!


Determining Your Options

Once we form an idea on the services you require, we’ll start looking for the most suitable solutions. The medical care facilities that compose our partner network will be presented your case for analysis, with a clear purpose to draft an initial treatment plan and advise about the expected costs. We will feedback to you the outcomes as soon as they are available, so that you may decide on the one that suits you best.


Medical Records & Treatment Schedule

In order to maintain the highest accuracy degree possible, we need to be able to provide our partners with relevant medical records and any additional information that you can share. This medical data will be transmitted to the doctor/surgeon & location of your choice, so that they may tailor the treatment to your specific needs and propose a time frame for the next steps. At this point you will have a complete image of all details related to your treatment, its duration, its costs and available payment methods. Your approval and action will be needed in order to proceed further.


Preparing for Your Trip & Arriving at Destination

We will take care of all the details and help you plan & prepare for everything you and your companion need for the entirety of your trip. This includes arranging for transportation, transfers, accommodation packages and any specific assistance you may require (i.e. impaired mobility features etc). You won’t be abandoned in an unfamiliar city, we’ll have the whole itinerary laid out for your comfort.


Your Treatment/Surgery

You’ll be in the most capable hands! We partner with some of the best medical care facilities in Romania and we’ll make sure that you are matched with the best doctors for your needs. Time and attention to details is invested in your recuperation phase as well, so that you may relax and recover as much as possible before your return trip.


Returning Home & Follow-up Care

We’ll take care of this as well. Check-out, airport transportation, travel itinerary and logistics will not add any unwanted stress to this final part of your experience. You’ll also be kept up to date on any follow-up requirements, whether they involve international travel or just a trip to your general physician. We’ll do our best to ensure that everything is taken care of.