Swiss Ecodent expands its reach with the introduction of general anesthesia


interview with Dr. Dr. Dr. Christiam Marmandiu

published in Business Arena Magazine




While operating in a highly competitive sector, Swiss dental clinic Swiss Ecodent has expanded the range of services, with the addition of an anesthesia and intensive care unit, as it seeks to gain an edge against its competitors.

The clinic has secured the necessary permits to launch the new services, which will allow it to perform general anesthesia and thus cater for a broader range of patients and offer a wider array of dental procedures.

Officials with the clinic said general anesthesia was suitable for a number of dental surgical interventions on the maxillary sinus, for dental implants with major bone augmentation, bone transplant and grafting, massive bone remodeling, as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery. General anesthesia can also be used for generally anxious patients, patients with a phobia for dentists and dental/ medical procedures, for patients with mobility or neurovegetative impairment and for wisdom molars extractions. Other categories of patients that qualify for general anesthesia include patients with hypersensitivity in the lingual plate or palate, leading to extreme vomiting reflex, hyperactive children, children with a phobia for medical personnel and patients who, for various reasons, opt for the maximum number of procedures in one visit, thus reducing the number of interventions and discomfort.

General anesthesia uses narcotic substances, with effects on the central nervous system, associated with relaxant substances for the skeletal muscles. It requires special equipment for permanent monitoring of vital functions, medication and intervention equipment for emergency situations and qualified anesthetists.

Since its opening in September 2011, the clinic has provided full range dental care, with a focus on offering customized solutions for patients. Its services include: prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, surgery,implantology, periodontology and orthodontics. Swiss Ecodent’s representatives also indicated that the clinic had a complete wireless and digital system, incorporating the use of digital radiography.


Thus patients’ x-rays can be transferred to treatment rooms in a matter of seconds, thus speeding up the treatment process. With the support of modern technology, the KODAK Digital Panoramic and Intra-Oral X-ray systems, doctors can provide a more effective communication of treatment options to patients.

Swiss Ecodent Clinic is a family-owned business, run by Dr. Dr. Dr. Christian Marmandiu, a Swiss resident, holding a dual Romanian and German citizenship, who has brought along his passion for dentistry and his strong desire to work in his home country, Romania.