Minimally invasive periodontal treatment


At Dentexcela3 clinic, we perform periodontal treatments with outstanding results, through minimally invasive techniques, without resorting to traumatic flap surgeries.

Periodontal pockets sterilization is done by using low-level lasers and bio-stimulation of the affected periodontal tissue in order to speed up the healing process. During the treatment we use the patient’s own plasma as it has a special role in periodontal tissue repair.


The advantages of this treatment type (laser + plasma, PRF) are as follows:

  • elimination of the laborious and traumatic flap operations
  • rapid healing
  • significantly less bleeding, due the laser’s ability to coagulate tissue, in diabetic patients (who are treated with anticoagulants)
  • periodontal pockets sterilization
  • teeth immobilization in teeth mobility cases (plasma treatments, PRF, bone and laser)

A complete treatment includes 4 or 5 sessions and periodic assessment of the marginal periodontal health is strongly recommended and necessary.

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source: the Communication Dept. @ Dentexcela3 Clinic