Minimally Invasive Dental Treatments

These are the technology-assisted treatments such as: WaterlaseMD, EpicDiode Laser, prophylaxis Diode, which are being used for all dental specialties:

a. ODONTOLOGY (tooth decay)
Here are a few of the advantages of using WaterlaseMD for dental treatments:
– controlled use of medical substances
– painless procedures, no anesthesia needed
– high degree of adhesion
– shortening execution times
– efficient sterilization of the work surface

Modern endodontic procedures (root canals) become minimally invasive when using the WaterlaseMD and laser Diode (Epic Laser) and demonstrate multiple benefits such as: a 99% sterilization degree of root canals in both pulpitis and granulomas & apical periodontitis cases.

Yet another novelty is treating apical periodontitis (cysts and granulomas) in a similar minimally invasive manner. By use of the WaterlaseMD and laser Diode (Epic laser), the cysts is being treated within the root canal, with no need to perform surgery as was the case with the old technique. Root canals are performed with materials that are reabsorbed from the channel, thus eliminating subsequent restatement.

Children treatments can be performed conventionally or by using the WaterlaseMD technology as well. The latter helps children overcome their fear of the turbine. The treatments are simpler, painless and the technology can be safely used for baby teeth extractions. Simple or complex root canal procedures can also be performed with the WaterlaseMD.


At Dentexcela3 the dental implants are laser assisted by the WaterlaseMD technology. The advantage of using laser consists mainly in ensuring a high degree of sterilization of the implant area and the whole area in which the intervention takes place, both during surgery and postoperative.

Benefits of using WaterlaseMD in surgery:
– high degree of sterilization of the area in which the intervention takes place
– reduced bleeding during the surgery and complete elimination of the vibrations caused by the
hand hold piece of a traditional equipment
– reduced post-surgery swelling
– rapid healing

We use the WaterlaseMD and Epic Laser for procedures such as:
– surgeon assisted sinus lift
– resection and cystectomy (both laser-assisted)
– bone augmentation
– implant highlighting
– dental crest regularization

Another novelty is the use of the P.R.F. membrane (enriched blood plasma, containing a significant platelet concentration, many growth factors and cells that support and stimulate the bone and soft tissue healing process). The implants we use originate from the U.S., Sweden, Germany and Israel.

Among the surgical treatment available at Dentexcela3 we want to mention:
– sinus lift (lifting the sinus membrane is extremely delicate procedure and should normally be performed by a specialized surgeon)
– nasal cavity lift (laser assisted)
– tooth extraction
– periodontal surgical curettage
– apicoectomy
– bone addition (bone sections)
– odontectomies
– cystectomies
– dental ridge regularization


source: the Communication Dept. @ Dentexcela3 Clinic