Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry services offered at Dentexcela3 are based on some of the most modern and minimally invasive techniques. We have the necessary expertise to:
– restore your smile in harmony with your face shape, eye color, skin pigment and age
– perform dental crown lengthening
– close spaces between teeth and achieve teeth alignment
– perform gingivectomies and total bone ablation
– restore initial dental size in case of teeth abrasion
– carry out permanent bleaching,
all performed through minimally invasive WaterlaseMD.

What is aesthetic dentistry?

It is a culmination of ideas, concepts and dental medical acts that result in a beautiful, harmonious and natural smile. The dental esthetician must be skilled and knowledgeable in all dental specialties as he is the one who establishes the treatment plan and the order of execution of necessary various medical procedures so as to obtain in the end an attractive, natural dentition. Besides the scientific background, the esthetician is required to have strong aesthetics, color, shape, balance, symmetry, volume perception abilities, all of which ultimately lead to “restoring the calm, elegance and charm of an individual” (Jung)

At DENTEXCELA3 luxury dental clinic, our specialists align advanced methods and technologies – LASER, LUMINEERS, braces (Invisalign) for instance – with the medical and aesthetic needs of each patient.

We favor non-invasive methods of treatment, such as Lumineers, in which very thin, 0.2 mm thick ceramic veneers are applied onto the natural teeth, using special types of cement, thus significantly improving the shape, size and color of your teeth.

I. Stages of the non-invasive aesthetic treatment (NO PREP ceramic veneers, LUMINEERS & INVISALIGN)

1. Consultation
– Preliminary diagnosis
– Study specimens
– Photos, RX , CT
– Preliminary estimate

2. Cleaning and Prevention
– Final diagnosis
– Treatment plan
– Completing dental treatments prior to the aesthetic dentistry treatment (i.e. orthodontic, periodontics, cavities & root canal treatments, dental surgery, insertion of implants etc.)

Use of mock-ups; directly related to case specifics

A – the temporary mock-up is made directly at the clinic, in accordance with patient facial features, teeth setting, height, curvature and width. Pictures are then taken and the patient wears this provisional construct 2, 3 days or more, until the final form is decided

B – “ ONE HOUR” Lumineers: different shades standard veneers standard colors which are adjusted by the dentist and then applied directly onto the natural teeth, using special types of cement, during the same treatment session.

C – Individualized LUMINEERS: a functional dental impression is taken and sent to our USA provider. In three weeks the customized veneers are ready for a trial fit. They are initially fitted by means of a Try-in type of cement and, as soon as the desired color shade is established, the dentist will perform the definitive application.

No-Prep veneers can be produced in Romania as long as a functional dental impression is available. However they differ from No-Prep veneers Lumineers both on material quality, and on related cements.

To sum up, at Dentexcela3 luxury dental clinic, you are free to choose from 3 types of no-prep veneers:
1. “One-Hour” No-Prep veneers
2. Individualized No-prep veneers produced in Romania
3. No-prep veneers produced in the U.S.A.
4. No-prep veneers produced in Romania, CAD-CAM system


Another non-invasive (or minimally invasive) aesthetic method is orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. According to anomaly gravity, a number of transparent aligners are produced for the patient to wear. They are to be changed every two weeks until the anomaly is corrected.
Advantages of this type of treatment are both:
aesthetic – the device has no brackets
functional – the forces applied to the teeth are much better distributed and teeth movement is made in an O pattern
– the device can be removed during chewing

II. Stages of the invasive aesthetic treatment (fully ceramic crowns and zirconia pontic crowns)

B. Guiding dental impression for laboratory use

C. – teeth preparation
– final dental impression
– temporary prosthesis

D. – teeth fitting and cementing
– final photos


source: the Communication Dept. @ Dentexcela3 Clinic