Metropolitan Hospital

Metropolitan Hospital. The hospital that suits your needs!

Metropolitan Hospital brings under one roof exceptional doctors, ultra advanced equipment, superior care and passion for life!

Located in the center of Bucharest on Serban Voda Street, Metropolitan Hospital is easily accessible. Our activity includes medical examinations for 25 medical specialties; investigations and laboratory analysis; minimally invasive surgery with customized delivery packages. 

Metropolitan Hospital is a multi-specialty private hospital having:

  • 11 Consulting Rooms
  • 1 General Surgery Block with 4 operating rooms
  • 1 Ophthalmology Block with 2 operating rooms
  • 20 Day Hospital Beds
  • 18 Surgical Specialties Beds
  • 8 Critical Care (Intensive Care) Beds

All these are found in a unique location, with generous and welcoming spaces that combines safety, warmth and elegance. Every patient receives five stars accommodation, friendly services being treated with compassion and kindness from the moment he arrives.

Moreover, a team of dedicated and highly trained professionals are here to supply the best possible care, attention and treatment. We understand the anxieties of a hospital stay which is why our facilities have been specially designed to be soothing and comfortable. All our reserves are individual, warm and welcoming, equipped with everything necessary to ensure a high degree of comfort.

Give yourself and your family the safety and comfort you deserve!


  • Bariatric surgery
  • Diabetes and eating disorders
  • Neurosurgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Vascular surgery

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Media & Research

Video Interview – Bariatric Surgery @ Metropolitan Hospital

  Weight loss surgery (or bariatric surgery) has as main objective the prevention and significant alleviation of obesity-related health problems, with the outcome of major physical and psychological changes.  Find out more on your options at Metropolitan Hospital by watching the video below       source: the Marketing & Communication Dept. @ Metropolitan Hospital

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Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Sleeve

  Fifteen years after its introduction in practice, gastric sleeve has earned a dominant position in the range of interventions against obesity. Low morbidity and mortality are definite advantages in comparison with the more complex interventions in the same range, such as the gastric bypass or the biliopancreatic diversion. These advantages appear because of the

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Video Interview – Gastric Sleeve @ Metropolitan Hospital

  The gastric sleeve is a new procedure that triggers weight loss by the limitation of the food intake. By this procedure, the surgeon removes approx. 75% of the stomach, so the new stomach is shaped like a tube or like a “sleeve”. The volume of the remaining stomach will be approx. 100-150 ml. The

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Gastric plication

  “Modern” lifestyle is taking its toll on the amount of physical activity and on the way we eat, which leads to an increasing tendency of global obesity-associated morbidity. With the exception of a small number of cases, which relate to hormonal etiology, the main cause of obesity is given by food-related behavior. Lifestyle changes,

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Video Interview – Gastric Plication @ Metropolitan Hospital

  Many patients who are overweight and whose efforts to lose weight – through diets, physical exercise or even the very dangerous decision to starve themselves – have failed, find that a gastric sleeve procedure is too drastic, despite its remarkable results. As a result they become interested in another type of laparoscopic intervention, with

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Intragastric Balloon, an Endoscopic Weight Loss Technique

  Obesity is a major problem of modern society and the number of cases in our country, as well as abroad, is alarmingly increasing. Overweight and obesity frequently associate with an “ugly” self-image and with an echo on social, affective and professional life. The intragastric balloon is recommended to people with a body mass index

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Video Interview – Gastric Band @ Metropolitan Hospital

  The adjustable gastric band, usually called gastric band, is an inflatable device made from silicon, which is placed around the upper area of the stomach, by a laparoscopic intervention, for the purpose of treating obesity. The installation of the gastric band is a bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) procedure created for obese patients (body

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I cannot thank enough Dr. Mihai Ionescu and the entire medical staff of the Metropolitan Hospital. I want to express my full appreciation of the professionalism and competence of this young and reliable team that proves things can work in the Romanian hospitals also.

Oct. 28th, 2015

Angela E. Dublin

First of all, I want to thank Dr. George Sireteanu for the operation that went very well, for the good communication and for how you knew to build relationships with the patients (the friendly approach removes any emotion/fear relating to the future intervention/recovery). Second, I want to thank all of this wonderful colleagues who managed, by their readiness, to make the recovery period seem easier and to make me forget about pain.

P.S.: Now, I am feeling extremely well. I believe I was very lucky to meet the doctor. These qualities deserve to be recommended! Thank you once again!

Adrian Rachitan Bucharest

I want to say I, too, was operated on in this hospital, on 18.10.2015, by doctor Petre Avram. He is an excellent physician who helped me with daily advice in the postoperative recovery. I want to say that, before the operation, I weighed 113.8kg, and now, on 12.11.2015, I weigh 93kg, which is almost 21 kg less. I recommend him with all my heart and, through this message, I want to thank the entire team who operated on me and who helped me in this period. Thank you!

Nov. 11th, 2015

Daniela Oancea Bucharest