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Dear Visitor,

If you are reading this, chances are that Romania has already piqued your interest. Maybe you already know a little about this land of contrasts.. if not, get ready!  You are about to discover a blend of places, people and rituals unchanged for hundreds of years, with large cities pulsing with life, awe-inspiring landscapes and stone-carved testimonials of a rich history. With that in mind, we have created for you a mini-guide that you can use to get started on this journey.

Healing Waters

Find more Visit famous spa resorts, some dating back to the Romans, and you will find a natural way to maintain your wellbeing.


Local Flavour

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Discover breath taking places, time resilient Romanian traditions and the people who make them authentic. 


Wild landscapes

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Explore the unspoiled beauty of the remote countryside and take the chance to unleash the energy of your sports gear.

Legacy and creativity

Find more Dive into the past and present of unique artistic and spiritual expressions that form the mosaic of Romanian cultural heritage. 

City break

Find more Experience the vibrant rhythm and incredible history of Bucharest and other hot spots across the country.