Dr. Petre Avram

Dr. Petre Avram


Specialty: General surgery and Bariatric surgery; Professional rank: General surgery and bariatric surgery specialist

Higher education: In January 2015, he obtained his qualification as a General Surgery specialist.

Graduate of the Victor Papilian Faculty of Medicine, Sibiu.

Professional experience: Specialty examinations

Surgical interventions: Classic and laparoscopic appendectomies, femoral hernias, umbilical hernias, eventration, acute mastitis, hiatal hernias, gastrostomies, gastroenteroanastomoses, jejunostomies, colostomies, gastric resections, splenectomies, classic and laparoscopic cholecystectomies, external biliary drainages, biliary-digestive derivations, anorectal suppuration, hidradenitis, thoracostomies, classic and laparoscopic adnexectomy, hysterectomies, exploratory laparoscopies, peritonitis, bowel obstructions.

Main assistant in operations: duodenopancreatectomy, total colectomies, total pancreatectomies, total gastrectomy, lung lobectomies, and pneumonectomies.

Awards obtained: Exchange of experience in Germany, Krefeld Secondary School, 2000; 3rd position in the National Olympic Competition of Chemistry, 2000; 1st position in the National Olympic Competition of Chemistry, 1999.