Dental impressions Scanner and CAD-CAM technology for the dental clinic

Cad -Cam

Planmeca Millimachine – the latest technology for the production of dental prosthetics, from fully ceramic crowns, and zirconia pontic ceramic crowns, to inlays & onlays, ceramic veneers and dental ceramic bridges of up to 3 elements. Everything is done in just 1hour and the complete treatment, including scanning and fixing the prosthetic construct, is finished within two hours.

– the equipment produces very precise restorations and significantly reduces the execution time
– there are cases in which we are able to fit the patient’s final prosthetics within a 2 hours interval

Scanner 3D

It’s a digital dental impressions scanner – no impression material needed. This makes the maneuvering easier on the patient, while the final result is still very precise and elegant. Using a 3D software, we give shape to the new prosthetic. The image is then immediately transmitted to the Millimachine equipment, or to any dental laboratory worldwide.

– significantly shorter execution time and high degree of precision of the dental impression
– low discomfort level on patients (especially on those struggling with the gagging reflex)


source: the Communication Dept. @ Dentexcela3 Clinic