Conf. Dr. Dan Cristian

Conf. Dr. Daniel Cristian

Specialty: General Surgery

Professional rank: Assistant Professor the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Consultant Surgeon

Competences: Laparoscopic surgery, Diagnostic and therapeutic digestive endoscopy and General ultrasound examination

Higher education:

  • in 1999 he obtained the qualification of consultant surgeon;
  • in 1995 he obtained the qualification of specialist surgeon;
  • graduate of the Faculty of General Medicine – “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, class of 1990.

Post-university studies: PhD in medical sciences since 2006.

Professional activity:

  • 2008 – present – assistant professor at Carol Davila UMF., Bucharest, Colţea Surgery Department;
  • 1994 – 2008 – surgery instructor at Carol Davila UMF, Bucharest, Colţea Surgery Department;
  • 1991 – 1994 – surgery associate instructor, Carol Davila UMF, Bucharest, Colţea Surgery Department.

Professional experience:

Specialty examinations

Classic abdominal surgery, parietal surgery and surgery of the limbs: esophagogastric junction, stomach, small bowel, colon, rectum; Liver – primitive, hydatid cysts, hepatic resections; gallbladder, biliary ducts; Pancreas; Spleen; Female genital system; Hernias, eventrations; Lower limb varicose veins; Mammary gland; Soft tissue tumors; Testicle, epididymis and peri-anal-rectal pathology.

Laparoscopic surgery: Gallbladder, biliary ducts – endoscopic exploration of biliary systems; esophagogastric junction: BRGE, hiatal hernia, achalasia; Stomach: perforated ulcer, selective and supra-selective vagotomies; biliary-digestive derivations; cysts; liver tumors; Splenectomies; Small bowel resections; Appendectomies; Female genitalia: adnexectomies, extra-uterine pregnancy, myomectomies; Inguinal hernias; post-operative eventrations; Genital prolapse; Rectal prolapse and Retroperitoneum: lumbar sympathectomy, kidney cysts.

Endoscopic surgery: Esophageal varices: elastic banding, sclerosing; Prosthesis of benign and malignant esophageal stenosis; Achalasia; percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy; Endoscopic hemostasis; Gastric, duodenal, colon polyp resections; endoscopic mucous resections; endoscopic sub-mucous dissection; hemorrhoid elastic banding; biliary and pancreatic papillary sphincterectomy; removals of calculi, intracholedocal lithotripsy; biliary and pancreatic stenosis dilations; biliary and pancreatic trans-tumor prosthesis and nasal-biliary and nasal-pancreatic drainage.

Member of National and International Medical Scientific Societies:

  • Romanian Surgery Society;
  • Romanian Association for Endoscopic Surgery
  • European Association for Endoscopic Surgery;
  • Romanian Association of Bariatric Surgery and Complex Treatment of Obesity;
  • Romanian Association for Endoscopic Surgery and Other Interventional Methods;
  • Founding Member of the Romanian Society of Herniology.

Known foreign languages: fluent speaker of English and French