Swiss Ecodent Clinic

At Swiss Ecodent Clinic, every patient is a VIP - Very Important Patient. We offer a full range of dental services, supported by a professional team with international experience, cutting-edge facilities and comfortable environment.

Since its opening in September 2011, Swiss Ecodent Clinic proudly provides a complete range of general and cosmetic dental treatments, oral dental rehabilitation and properly answering to any need of its patients - with excellence and professionalism.

From our perspective, EXCELLENCE is defined by:

- Patient-oriented approach
- 10 years-Guarantee for All Dental Work Prosthetics
- Over 25-years of International Experience with emphasis on Surgery, Implantology (over 15.000 inserted implants) and Endodontics
- Multi-lingual Assistance (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian)
- General Aenesthesia (in case of specific clinical requirements)
- Digital Radiology feature that saves time, energy and radiation (60% less than classical equipment)
- Flexibility to meet emergencies - 365 days/ year, 09-21h, Saturdays and Sundays included.

All the activities of Swiss Ecodent Clinic - Multidisciplinary Consult, Radiology, Dental Laser, Microscope - respect the Swiss principle, emphasis being placed on quality of service, safety and discretion. Patients facing an implantological treatment want to make sure they find the latest dental care, the highest quality implants and the best dental specialist whom they can trust with their problems. Dr. Dr. Dr. Christian Marmandiu, owner and hands-on coordinator of the Practice "Swiss Ecodent Clinic" in Bucharest, is a highly respected expert in oral implantology, an internationally recognized implantologist who has proven that he is not only actively engaged in furthering his own education, but also equally conscientious of the qualification requirements of future implantologists. Many industry awards eloquently prove this.


  • Surgery/ Implantology
  • Dental Prosthetics/ Aesthetics 
  • Odontotherapy / Restorative
  • Endodontics / Zeiss Microscope 
  • Dental Laser / Periodontology 
  • Dental Hygene / Prophylaxis
  • Digital Dental Radiology
  • General Anaesthesia 
  • Pedodontics

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Swiss Ecodent expands its reach with the introduction of general anesthesia

  interview with Dr. Dr. Dr. Christiam Marmandiu published in Business Arena Magazine       While operating in a highly competitive sector, Swiss dental clinic Swiss Ecodent has expanded the range of services, with the addition of an anesthesia and intensive care unit, as it seeks to gain an edge against its competitors. The

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"I am absolutely delighted by the level of professionalism I received while visiting Romania and having my teeth done in the same time. I had no pain during the treatment or even after, as Dr. Marmandiu was constantly checking with me to make sure everything goes smooth. Even after the surgery I was feeling fine and happy to go out. I had the following work done: - immediate implants placement - temporary bridge (I can finally stop hiding my smile) - sinus lift (bone augmentation) - extraction - laser whitening (in less than 20 minutes!) – a couple of endodontic treatments (including some root canal treatment) and fillings. All this at a faction of the cost compared to UK, but using the same quality materials (actually most of them are imported from US) and in an extremely short time, as I had the appointments close to each other. I will return in 4 month to finish my treatments and get the permanent crown and veneers. I highly recommend Dr. Marmandiu to all my friends and family."


Andrew, UK Aug 15th, 2015

Double implant. Diabetic patient case

" I was given the professional experience and understanding results I highly recommend Swiss Ecodent and Dr. Marmandiu’s services for anyone dental travelling to Bucharest."

Allen, US Jun 13th, 2014